Made from our Grandmother’s secret recipe and still using only the best local ingredients, this is thick and creamy gourmet yoghurt like no other.

Queensland Yoghurt is 100% natural and preservative free:  is high in protein, has a low GI index and is also free of artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Better still, it’s gluten free and 95% fat free - yet full of award-winning flavour!



The coldpress method is exact, a science, not something that can be thrown together. We got started on fabricating our brewing equipment and it came together pretty quick which allowed us to start looking for milk.. We found a small group of farmers on Queenslands’ Sunshine Coast who had exactly what we were looking for. We shook a few hands and were ready to roll. 


In keeping with our Local Culture identity we have introduced a new and exciting range of Antipasto's and Olives proudly manufactured in Queensland.  We source local products where we can to produce an extensive range of Marinated & Filled Olives, Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers and Antipasto's.  European traditions and flavours to suit the Australian palate.




Way too many flavours to fit here, so you will have to click on the link to see them all.  QYC Fine Foods offer a full range of Dips and Pesto's for the retail and food service industries.   Our Pesto and Dip range is all manufactured here in Queensland using only the best local and fresh ingredient.  Our convenient retail range is in 200gm tubs and food service in 1.5 & 5 kilo tubs.


Get ready for Great!  Our new 100% Organic Coconut Milk Yoghurt is a taste sensation like no other.  The texture and consistency is like no other, put that together with our locally produced purees and you have the best coconut yoghurt on the market.  Made with Dairy Free products and Gluten Free, it is a must for those looking for a dairy alternative.


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2/50 Hoopers Road, Kunda Park  Queensland  Australia


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